This is me

Mia on the left, Lily on the right Mum is breastfeeding during the day and I do one or two feeds at night of expressed milk or formula so that she can get some rest.

Isobel adores her sisters and is a big help running and fetching and patting a crying baby. I wanted it to be my Leader Ender for as long as possible, but I lost that battle fairly soon.

Mia tells happy little stories and laughs and crinkles up her eyes good humouredly. Posted by This is me at 9: The springs are wonderful and perfect for rocking off to sleep, and it can be parked next to my chair or wheeled out of the way without waking a sleeping baby.

I had thought happily "This will use up whatever oranges I have lying around the stash! Sigh, tiredness will muddle your thinking like that. Namely, that having my own creative space is a necessity, not just a whim.

Mia is more relaxed and happy, full of smiles and chuckles but Lily is anxious and gets upset more. That should move things along, alrighty! They went down to 5lb 2oz and it took them nearly three weeks to return to their birth weight. Astonishingly they will both sleep for hours in this without needing to be held- perhaps the swaying of the springs is a similar feeling.

They are still on the small side but were doing well until Isobel brought home a nasty cough and fever and passed it on to both babies and me.

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The orange makes it seems so fresh and clean and I found myself looking forward to working with a colour that is quite new to me. Posted by mereth at I was wishing that I had one of those dear old fashioned prams to put them to sleep in or wheel them round our little town, when I found this at a garage sale.

My future contains more orange projects, apparently. They also had trouble maintaining their temperature so we were told not to let them cry as it would use up too much of This is me energy which was obviously needed for other things.

I have no memory of where this fabric came from, and neither does Keryn, probably a donation from someone, or an op-shop find. Posted by mereth at 5: People would stop to peer in and exclaim "Oh! Which is important, because soon this little miss will be joined by her two sisters, and life will get busier than ever.

I used every bit, and have another unexplained orangey red length for the binding. I saved this photo in and every time I see it I think "Oh, that would be so easy, I must make that I was a bit short on the orange border fabric and had to piece the last twelve inches to get enough for all sides.

If Mia gets water on her face in the bath she laughs, spits it out and splashes, Lily cries and has to be comforted and coaxed back to enjoying herself.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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This Is Me

Feb 16,  · This is I This is she This is he are all grammatically correct. ' This is me ' is universally accepted form because too many people use it. Like ' long. Disclaimer: This site is best viewed using the current versions of MS Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and FireFox.

If you are using an older version of the browser, some features may not work optimally. Lyrics to "This Is Me" song by Keala Settle: I'm not a stranger to the dark Hide away, they say 'Cause we don't want your broken parts I've learn.

This is me
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