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The community-oriented policing model has helped dispel the myth that cops spend most of their day cruising in a squad car, writing speeding tickets and eating donuts on break. Laws should require police protocols, regulations and guidelines to include the following minimum elements: In particular, police are involved in community building and crime prevention.

Roles and responsibilities of police

The general impression that the policemen are inefficient, brutal, corrupt and lawless should be brushed aside and they should be encouraged to discharge their duties honestly, sincerely and faithfully so as to promote welfare of the community.

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Writing essay on such a topic gives you a chance to complete an in-depth analysis on the duties and responsibilities of a police officer. Tasked to fight crime and keep social peace and order, policemen and women deal with different types of people from all walks of life.

Essay on the Role and Responsibilities of Indian Police

There is no point in blaming the police without extending them adequate help and support for enforcing the law and protecting the life and property of the people. This indirectly helps the offenders to escape detection or conviction.

Yet another potential cause which shatters public confidence in police is the increasing interference of politicians in the working of the police. The members of society do not realise that it is their social as well as moral obligation to help the police in suppression of crimes.

The use of computer system and augmentation of the existing communication system would serve a useful purpose for boosting up the police efficiency. The UK Metropolitan Police uses the following definition for honour-based violence: There are many examples in real life as well as in fiction and TV on this particular topic.

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Building trust with diverse communities and working collaboratively to address social issues, such as gang violence, is an especially important function of the police. You can also write an essay describing the actual characteristics of an ideal police officer.

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Guidelines should state that the overall objective of effective police response is to promote the safety of the victim or person at-risk, accomplish the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator, and prevent repetition of the crime.

As a result, the possibility of conflicts and physical injury exist when attempting to apprehend a suspect. An effort is made to get acquainted on a first name basis with leaders of schools, organizations and churches. We understand the pressure students are under to achieve high academic goals and we are ready help you because we love writing.

We provide the best papers on any topictype and format. Let us do the work for you, so you have time to do what you want to do! We provide the best academic papers you can get your hands on because we include your every wish and stick to each requirement from your instructions. That apart, certain provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, make it difficult for the police to prosecute the offender.

The major problem for the modem police in India therefore, is to inspire the public to appreciate the police values. For example, a police officer in the inner city typically spends more time responding to calls and investigating crimes than a small town sheriff in a remote area.

Occasionally, an officer will be summoned to testify in court about the incident and circumstances of the arrest. Check your materials to make sure that they do not content any secret agendas and untruthful claims. Police should only transfer a victim to a shelter with her consent, and should advise but never force the victim into a decision.

The preservation of fundamental freedom and the basic human values demand an effective role of the police in the Indian setting so that it becomes an effective instrument of social change as well as the foundation of justice and fair play.

Officers spend a great deal of time working with criminals and dealing with threatening scenarios, such as intervening in a domestic assault or foiling a burglary.Police officers are very important within a community but sometimes a private security can come in and help out and this frees up time for the public policing.

Private security personnel generally work for a private company that handles their own dispatching, training and recruiting. Mar 26,  · The role of police officers is to help citizens, protect property and preserve the quality of life in the communities they serve.

Along with traditional duties, police officers today engage in many proactive initiatives. which represents a 7 percent increase. Although the national crime rate has trended downward, the public.

Roles And Duties Of Police Officers Law Essay The role of police officers list a wide range of duties related to the safety and welfare of the general public. The Role of Police. People depend on police officers and detectives to protect their lives and property. Law enforcement officers, some of whom are State or Federal special agents or inspectors, perform these duties in a variety of ways, depending on the size and type of their organization.

In most. Need Help? FAQ; Leading Initiatives Roles and responsibilities of police. Laws should state that the primary duties of police are to protect victims and potential victims and promote offender accountability by consistently enforcing laws and procedures so that all “honour” crimes and killings are investigated and addressed by the.

The Role of Police. People depend on police officers and detectives to protect their lives and property. Law enforcement officers, some of whom are State or Federal special agents or inspectors, perform these duties in a variety of ways, depending on the size and type of their organization.

Role of public in police duties essay help
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