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According to Politico, "three dozen people who know the speaker--fellow lawmakers, congressional and administration aides, conservative intellectuals and Republican lobbyists--not a single person believed Ryan will stay in Congress past But in the process, Ryan seemed to lack a fundamental understanding of how insurance works, leading to him getting mercilessly dragged on social media.

Some speculated that Ryan anticipated a wave of Democratic wins in the midterm elections, leading to his announcement. You pay for insurance when you are healthy or have a non-totaled car knowing that at some point you may get sick or in an accident and need the high cost of those problems covered in a pinch.

Paul Ryan’s grim PowerPoint presentation on Obamacare becomes a sick meme

These jokes were covered by Mashable. Car Paul ryan presentation who do not get in accidents pay for drivers who crash their cars. Twitter user AllieGoertz tweeted a picture of herself next to a bag of trash, joking that it was Ryan, gaining over likes shown below, left. The premiums will be very low but you must agree that there will be no fires.

He joined congress in at the age of 29, making him the second-youngest member of congress at the time. Time Magazine Photos On October 11th,Time Magazine published a series of photos for his runner-up position as Time Magazine Person of the Year, which featured Ryan sitting on a workout bench while performing bicep curl exercises.

He has been reelected eight times. Twitter had fun pointing out that premise to Ryan.

Twitter pokes fun at Paul Ryan's Obamacare replacement PowerPoint

Ryan was originally hesitant to endorse Donald Trump in the Presidential Electionbut ultimately endorsed him. And healthy people who buy health care end up paying for those who get sick. On March 9th,Ryan delivered a minute presentation containing charts and graphics, which described the Affordable Care Act as a "death spiral" shown below.

Additionally, the presentation contained a single slide about the GOPs plans for reform that said "There will be a stable transition to conservative health care reform. This caused Trump to attack Ryan, calling him "disloyal.

Keeping bad drivers out of car insurance pools or healthy people out of health insurance would defeat the purpose of insurance at all. The captions often draw references to various pick-up line cliches and political rhetoric, similar to those found on Feminist Ryan Gosling and Poli Sci Ryan Gosling.

But this is exactly what happens in every employer plan. History Ryan was born on January 29th,in Janesville, Wisconsin. He became the ranking Republican member of the House Budget Committee in and took over as chairman in Paul Ryan scored high in preparation and content, but his presentation was missing key design elements.

His delivery also needed improvement to better establish his expertise and credibility. So, take this as a learning experience for what not to do on your next presentation. Ryan had a bigger audience that he usually has; excited by the visual shift from the speaker’s staid weekly press conferences, all three major cable news networks carried his presentation.

House Speaker Paul Ryan rolled up his shirtsleeves Thursday to deliver a presentation about the House Republicans' health care plan and explain why it. Ryan's presentation comes amid criticism from both sides of the aisle on the proposed plan.

Only been watching this Paul Ryan PowerPoint presentation for 2 minutes, and I can already tell it'll. Paul Ryan’s PowerPoint Presentation is a photoshop meme mocking a PowerPoint presented by Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan to explain the GOP’s proposed Obamacare replacement in early March On March 9th,Ryan delivered a minute presentation containing charts and graphics, which described the Affordable.

Paul Ryan pulls out the PowerPoint. CNN Paul Ryan on Thursday went to new lengths to defend the House Republican bill to replace Obamacare.

Ryan rolled out a Panasonic television at the start of.

Paul Ryan's slideshow on GOP health care plan suggests he has no idea how insurance works Download
Paul ryan presentation
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