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A 4- point scale questionnaire was used to collect data. Computers help as a lot in research allowing us to genetically modify things and now with the help of ICT cloning or duplicating is now made possible. Mean and standard deviation was used to analyze the research questions while ANOVA was use to test the hypotheses using F statistics at 0.

Now it is much easier than before, to keep in touch with friends and relatives across the globe, be using Land or Mobile telephone. This implies that any response with mean rating of 2. Some other factors which show disadvantages of ICT include: To look back at the benefits it has produced to us, you Ict shopping essay be required to go back a good few years to before the industrial revolution, when every task was done by mankind and that also by hand, animals and tools also produced by the maker.

At every level of education, educational technology is perceived as a vehicle for curriculum enhancement. This makes the few schools with ICT facilities unable to use them regularly. Moreover the use of ICT has revolutionised the way we totally work.

According to Aduwa-Ogiegbaen and Iyamumost experts in the field of education agreed that, when properly used, information and communication technology hold great promise of improving teaching and learning in addition to shaping workforce opportunities.

The findings of this study will be significant to Delta State Ministry of Higher Education, School administrators, lecturers, students, and future researchers.

Thanks to the internet, we have the option now of home shopping, not just for clothes and electrical goods, now most big food superstores also deliver your weekly food shopping direct to your door.

In Senegal, teachers and students Ict shopping essay using computers extensively as information tools. Information transfer using ICT is minimal or non-existence in secondary schools in Nigeria Anao, As well, according to Adeyemithe major constraints hindering the use of ICT resources include poor power supply, poor infrastructure, lack of adequate skill, high cost, and unavailability.

Chapin and Messick and Imogie asserted that the role of technology in teaching and learning is rapidly becoming one of the most important and widely discussed issues in contemporary education policy. There is no significant difference between the mean response of male and female technical education students on the utilization of the available ICT resources for teaching and learning technical education in Delta State University Abraka, Nigeria.

It is all about computer-based technology including computer hardware, software, CD-Rom, videodisc player and the Internet. This implies that schools located in such areas will experience ICT connectivity problems, even when the schools are opportune to have ICT resources.

Male Female Mean S. Aduwa and Iyamu reported on the progress made in Uganda, Senegal and Nigeria to institutionalize educational technology. This means that the company must take time out to train their employees and, as technology evolves, retraining of how to operate these programs and equipment.

Most companies in some way depend on computers for their business.

Lack of adequate search skills and of access points in the schools were reported as factors inhibiting the use of the Internet by secondary school teachers Kaku, Specifically, the study sets out to examine the: Poor power supply; High poverty level; High illiteracy level; Inconsistent political landscape; and Inadequate broadband among other things.

These programmes are expected to link schools and libraries around the world to improve education; enhance cultural understanding; develop vital skills of creativity, problem-solving and independent thinking which the youth need for survival in the global setting.

The cost of a Personal Computer PC and Laptop are still very high in Nigeria considering the income level of an average worker in the country.


ICT has made a massive difference to all our lives, and has done very well for mankind. The use of ICT for the above reasons could possibly improve life expectancy and also has saved and improved the quality of the people who become ill.

Get Access The Disadvantages of ICT Essay Sample With all of the advantages that come with computer technology in present day the future, but with advantages there are many disadvantages.

I feel that I can say with confidence that there would be hardly any difference between my system and one used commercially as I feel that mine would be used very easily in any organisation that have a huge number of staff.

This means that not all schools will benefit from this initiative. Enabling you to spread the word quicker than ever before. These forms of technology provide teachers and students with vast quantities of information in an easily accessible, non-sequential format that can be used as teaching tool.

Consequently, there is emphasis on the intensive use of ICT for teaching and learning in the developed world as a potent means of equipping students for successful and productive living in a technologically developed world Thomas, Without ICT we are proud to say the development of drugs for the treatment would not be possible.

There are few technical staff to maintain the system, this make it very expensive for few NOUN students that has a PC to maintain when a technical problem is noticed.

Another form of communication used is SMS or known as text messages, maybe the option of sending electronic mail, known as e-mail. So we could say basically you can say it is now possible to carry out your whole entire life, even without leaving the doorstep.

The Disadvantages of ICT Essay Sample

Survey research design was used in this study.What's better for shopping: an afternoon downtown or a few hours in a shopping centre? Say why. A whole day of shopping is the dream. In this essay, the ways in which the introduction of ICT affects power relations in the workplace will be discussed.

First, a definition of the phrases ‘ICT’ and ‘power relations in the workplace’ will be provided. Online shopping is a new technology that has been created along with the development of the Internet.

It is a convenient method of shopping and allows for a vast array of products to be at your fingertips. However, fraudulent use of the Internet is often a concern for many shoppers. Cyber thieves 3/5(8).

Essay About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ict. follow it. Information Communication and Technology or ICT has become the major role to bring the world into a more modern and develop.

ICT has also shaped the world to be more dynamic than ever before.

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The world of education get the effect on the rapid changes of. Today’s world or society is changing very fast with the help of ICT (Information Communication Technology). Everyday new technologies were developed to simplify the every days work, but there is a resistance to accept those new technologies among people.

This is because of many people doesn’t.

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