How to write a media advisory for a press conference

The headline is the event. For example, the advisory could be sent to all the television stations in the area while the press release would go to those organizations, as well as newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Here are some tips: People with high credibility, such as local politicians, the director of a local health promotion organization, or a physician may make effective spokespeople.

And how will you improve the next press conference you hold? Send the media alert at least 24 hours before the event, if possible. Your press kit should contain the following: Both press releases and media advisories can be used for company events.

Here are a few tips for participants: You might also review the press conference with others from your organization that attended.

You and your organization could hold a press conference whenever there is an event your organization wants to inform the community about. Print Resources Center for Community Change. Make it clear that there will be opportunities for photos and videos at the media event.

She has a B. The moderator also answers questions or directs them to the appropriate participants. Set up the room with a table long enough to seat all your spokespeople, with name cards.

Not everyone may arrive, as your conference may be preempted by some late breaking news story elsewhere. Learn how to plan and execute a successful press conference to share your message and gain support from the community.

Differences Between a Media Advisory and a Press Release

Purpose A media advisory, or media alert, invites the media to a company event, such as a news conference, grand opening or presentation. Length A press release may be up to two pages long, although short one-page releases seem to be the preference.

When should you hold a press conference? Be clear and concise — avoid using jargon, rhetoric, or inflammatory language, and stifle "ums" and "ahs. Tips Keep the media alert short, no more than one page.

If your organization has had occasion to work with the media before, you should have personal contacts with a number of media people. In a small town, this could mean one or two people; in a big city, there might be 20 or more. League of Women Voters. Each media outlet has its own preference for receiving alerts, but most prefer fax or email.

It usually does not include media advisories. Prepare your media contact list. Try to have your press conference on one of these days if at all possible. He or she will be in charge of convening the press conference by introducing the issue and participants.

Related news stories from prestigious national publications e. Hard news is defined as a story in the print or electronic media which is timely, significant, prominent, and relevant. Even if you are very experienced in this area, it may be a good idea to conduct a dress rehearsal.

How to Write a Media Alert and When to Send It

One way to find this out is to check with the local media and the wire services, who will know if your press conference conflicts with another. This will leave little time for elaborate preparations--you should just phone the press at a few hours notice.Purpose.

Creating a Media Advisory

A media advisory, or media alert, invites the media to a company event, such as a news conference, grand opening or presentation. It's an invitation to attend an event that may or may not. A press advisory is similar to a press release, with the difference being that press advisories can be used for background information to your media contacts.

The format is basically the same as that of a. Sample Media Advisory or Invitation to Press Conference For Immediate Release {Insert Name & Contact Info.} POLICE AGENCIES KICK OFF UNDERAGE DRINKING.

A media advisory alerts the media, in a concise manner, to upcoming events (like a press conference). Think of it like an invitation that answers only the important questions: Who.

Sample Media Advisory

How to Write a Media Advisory Introduction One of the most common and effective vehicles used by organizations to communicate with the media is a media advisory, a one-page description of a future. Download and customize your Media Advisory (MS-WORD, KB, 1 pg.)Use this media advisory to alert people on your media list about your upcoming events.

For maximum effectiveness, send it out on multiple occasions and follow up with phone calls to your .

How to write a media advisory for a press conference
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