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An Existential View of Adolescence. Many Therapist assume once self awareness is achieved, the client can examine new ways of dealing with problems and except the responsibility of choosing.

Philosophy of Counseling

I allow various theoretical models to grow on me and as I applied them to clients and tested them out, I was able to make them my own. Kendall noted the lack of anxiety related problems could have resulted from the clients maturation and not the long-term effects of therapy.

Journal of Counseling Psychology. Essays on philosophical counseling reality therapy, progress can be measured and clients can move towards a more workable way of dealing with life.

Throughout my graduate work I often played in my mind the ways in which I would counsel others. A survey of 82 students revealed people viewed death as cold and denied. On the otherhand, therapist Philip Kendall and Michael A. Something made up of a number of parts that are held or put together in a particular way.

Existential and client-centered therapy have not labeled themselves with a distinct clinical procedure, instead these techniques and concepts have been effective in helping patients to recognize and accomplish their goals.

After achieving this level, the adolescent gradually starts to focus on self meaning, which takes place through the development of their identity Hacker, It offers a way to view oneself, as a therapist, a motivator, and as a helper. This evidence alone exhibits just one aspect of the tremendous effects of client- centered psychotherapy.

Essentially, the main goal of client-centered therapy is to have the client achieve a sense of increased awareness and understanding of his attitudes, feelings, and behaviors. My vision includes myself making a sincere effort to always remain open, reflective, self-evaluative, caring, and respectful to myself and to all my clients.

It stresses self-awareness before action. Helping clients see this, it helps built structure in their lives. Self determination and a tendency toward growth are control ideas. This relationship serves as the means through which emotional and cognitive growth can occur in the client and we work together to agree upon and develop goals for therapy which fit their specific and diverse needs.

I also bring to my sessions a multi-cultural perspective. Existential counselors are focused on helping the client achieve and expand their self- awareness. Although Catholic, I was able to see life with different eyes and cope with things much better. Well, I always had a genuine interest in helping others.

I believe people have the answer within themselves, they have the ability to set their goal and meet them; my job is to help them figure out how.Free Essay: Human Nature It is human nature to take the easy way when given a choice between an easy option and a difficult one.

However, the easy way is not. The purpose of the school counseling program is to guarantee academic, social, and professional success among all students.

Essay/Term paper: My philosophical approach to counseling

School counseling is s collaborative relationship between students, school counselors. I view myself as behaviorally and cognitively orientated however through the years within my professional experience I found myself being somehow an eclectic counselor.

As I grow professionally and expand my knowledge, I find myself incorporating in my counseling style, various other techniques from other models of psychotherapy.

I. Free Essay: My Philosophical Approach to Counseling Definition of Existential Therapy One survey taken by Corey suggests a definition of Existential Therapy. In the first book written in English on this growing field of applied philosophy, Essays on Philosophical Counseling is a collection of 14 articles by leading philosophical counselors from five countries.

The book presents the reader with the major approaches to philosophical counseling, by combing theoretical discussions with a large number.

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Essays on philosophical counseling
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