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It is thick and has a good blood supply. I will now be prepared to question my views and the views of others with regards to my clinical practice. Whilst researching I found that Mallet and Dougherty agree with the use of skin cleansing wipes. I wanted to research this topic further.

Workman proposes that there are four main considerations to make when giving an injection, these include: When analysing why medication is given via the IM route, I found many reasons. My action plan is to research further into the use of alcohol wipes prior to the administration of IM injections and I am planning to discuss this subject further with my tutor and lecturers at University.

In future, I aim to find out the trust protocol for the procedure before I carry out a clinical procedure. In conclusion, I can see that not all nurses use recent evidence alongside their practice and that nurses use different methods of practice.

This site is near to the sciatic nerve and Greenway advocates that this presents a risk of injury to the patient if the IM injection is administered in the wrong site.

I thought that as I had been observed carrying out this clinical procedure on many other occasions then my practice must have been seen to be correct. I will always make sure my clinical practice is evidence based and up to date so that I can practice safely.

However they adopt this when patients are immunocompromised and show evidence of previous studies which state that skin cleansing is not normally necessary. In future, I will use the research I have found to suggest that skin cleansing is not normally necessary in order to justify my actions and provide evidence based practice.

I will not cleanse the skin site in future unless I believe the patient is not physically clean or the patient requests me to. This made me feel self conscious and made me wonder whether the patient would now be doubting my practice.

I have found no clear evidence for supporting skin cleansing. Through my research I am now more familiar with different practices relating to the use of alcohol wipes in skin cleansing. Research by Workman suggests that the use of skin cleansing wipes prior to injection is inconsistent and not necessary if the patient appears to be physically clean and an aseptic technique is used along with thorough hand washing by the nurse.

I feel that my competence within this clinical skill has been developed with my research and I feel that my personal and professional development is progressing because I have been proactive with my learning.

I felt confused about the use of alcohol wipes and was concerned that the practice of the qualified nurses was different. More Essay Examples on Medicine Rubric The nurse instructed me not to cleanse the site in front of the patient.

Reflection on IM Injection

As I develop professionally, I am developing my own skills and techniques that are backed up with evidence and research. On my placement, IM injections were administered on a daily basis prior to removal of catheters.

The site used for the IM injection was the gluteus maximus, which is most commonly used for IM injections Greenway This site is located in the hip area and forms the buttock.

These include rapid absorption rate, the drug effect being altered by ingestion and the conscious state of the patient.Definition An intramuscular injection is an injection given directly into the central area of a specific muscle. In this way, the blood vessels supplying that muscle distribute the injected medication via thecardiovascular system.

Lethal injections are the most common procedure of capital punishment in the United States today, but it does not mean that it is the most civilized. Several states use the three-drug protocol, with sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide, and potassium.

Essay on Botulinum Toxin and Botx Injections for Cosmetic Purposes Words | 7 Pages.

Injection Essays

multitude of people use Botox injections for cosmetic purposes without any significant adverse side effects. Issues over Lethal Injection On January 16, an Ohio death row inmate was put to death by lethal injection with an untested drug. After being injected with the drug, the inmate quickly began to.

Hunter J () Intramuscular injection techniques. Nursing Standard.

22, 24, Date of acceptance: October 29 Summary The administration of intrairiLiscLitar (IM) injections is an important part of medication management and a common nursing intervention in clinical practice, A skilled injection technique can make the patient’s.

The aim of this essay is to reflect on how I have become competent in a particular clinical skill. The clinical skill I have selected is administering intramuscular (IM) injections.

Essays on injections
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