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The reason for this is because it belongs to someone else. Stringent laws are enforced at its terminal to prevent passengers from entering without legal documentation. He sees some of the islands as more prominent than others.

What is the theme of the poem? So San Juan is all of these things. Some of them are unedited while some of them are. You just have to remain in the air craft, no matter the waiting period, until it is time for takeoff. It belongs to the U.

The persona believes that the Americans are being blatantly discriminatory, and are attempting to camouflage it through the use of regulations. Pearson Education Ltd, If they converge on the glistening San Juan, sucking up its resources, then it might become re-enslaved by poverty.

He is saying that this island is the wealthiest in the Caribbean because it has won the jackpot, it has come up lucky. What is the tone of the poet? This regulation bars anyone from stepping a toe on Puerto Rican soil, if it is not your intended destination.

Saturday, 7 January West Indies, U. The cultures are not melding, but jarring against each other. Or, you ignore it and spend all your time indoors, not investing any time, energy or money in it. Slight sarcasm is being used here.

Answer these Questions 1. In this poem, the poet records his impressions of the Islands from a view, thirty thousand feet above. The airport is also compared to a cultural fingerprint. It belongs to America. This does not carry a positive connotation, but implies confusion. He notes the influence of American culture and lifestyle in Puerto Rico.

He has travelled widely through West Africa and the Caribbean in relation to both his research and creative writing, and lectured for the British Council in both regions.

This implies that it will always have its silver lining showing. But to him, each country has its own distinctive features and characteristics, which are highlighted at its terminal. Therefore, when the persona uses this phrase, he is implying that while it is valued, it is still at the back.

I apologise for not citing the sites as references. Therefore, many of its inhabitants are wealthy, and the state itself, is wealthy.

The statement is sarcastic because it is loaded with an alternate meaning, due to the contrast in statement and action.

The persona takes offence and states that America does not want blacks in San Juan, implying that they might be a disruptive force.

The persona implies that America is all talk and no action.The physical structure of this poem has been altered from the original layout in the text. Cruising at thirty thousand feet above the endless green island seems like dice tossed on a casino's baize, some come up lucky, others Rico takes the pot, Dallas of the West Indies, linings on the clouds as we descend are hall-marked, Juan glitters like a maverick's.

Cxc Poem This is the Dark Time My Love. This is a Dark Time My Love. O'l higue analysis. West Indies Usa poem. Acids Bases and Salts. Resistance Lab physics. Brown, S.

'West Indies, U.S.A' in A World of Prose. Edited by Mark McWatt and Hazel Simmonds McDonald. Pearson Education Ltd, /4(2). Poetry Poems for June January (CSEC) TEXT: World of Poetry for CXC.

TITLE POET An African Thunderstorm David Rubadiri West Indies, U.S.A. Jan 28,  · This poem is written in Free Verse and speaks to the presence of the United States in the West Indies as seen in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The poem is written from a first-person point of view and tells of the travelers`experience of different countries in the West Indies.

cxc poetry analysis; U.S.A by Stewart Brown; West Indies; By stating that San Juan is the Dallas of the West Indies, it implies that it is a wealthy island in the West Indies. English A Exam Format English B Exam Format CXC poems a breakdown of the csec english a sba Breath Eyes Memory Business Letter Completing the.

Some of the material comes from Clifford Narinesingh co - author of A Comprehensive English Course, Books and CXC English A. Saturday, 7 January West Indies, U.S.A.

Cxc poem west indies u s a
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