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In addition, the role of the gluteus medius as an external rotator of the hip when the hip is in a position of flexion is also important to consider. Watching the kinematics of the pelvis and lower body closely can be very beneficial, especially since I like to see functionally what my patients come in for in my clinic.

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Simply a test such as the photo above. Criteria to progress to stage II is that the patient can hold their pelvis level during single leg stance for 30 seconds. Because the gluteus medius also has an effect on other hip motions, I often recommend a full testing of hip flexion, abduction, ER, IR, and extension as well.

Double- to single-leg stance test. Assessment of the Gluteus Medius The authors describe several methods of evaluating the gluteus medius. The third stage is used for athletes and designed to prepare them for function, sport-specific movement patterns.

These factors together are likely why dysfunction of this muscle is commonly found in several pathologies, such as iliotibial band, patellofemoral injuries, ACL, and ankle injuries. Cueing is often needed at first to be sure that the patient does not let their hips drip into adduction and internal rotation.

The patient is instructed to isometrically set the hips in a neutral position while performing the exercise. As you can see in the photo below, weakness of the right gluteus medius will cause the left hip to drop when standing on the right limb.

I also would encourage promoting hip stability during normal sagittal plane movements such as squatting. The Role of the Gluteus Medius When you really break down the function of the gluteus medius, you see that it is far more valuable as a pelvis and lower extremity dynamic stabilizer than it is a pure hip abductor.

The progression is designed to gradually enhance motor control, endurance, and strength. This will further challenge the patient, specifically the athletic patient.

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Conversely, athletic patients are often masters of compensation and may be able to keep the pelvis in neutral while the lower leg will adduct and internally rotate. To do this, I often just simply incorporate a piece of exercise tubing around the distal thigh just higher than the knee of the patient during exercises such as mini-squats, wall squats, and leg press.

Here are the three phases: This could include eccentric step-downs, front lunges, or even running and jumping activities for athletes. Why is the Gluteus Medius weakness so important to treat? Overall, a great review of some of the basics regarding the gluteus medius and definitely a great starting point to develop a comprehensive rehabilitation or injury prevention program.

This is apparent when looking at the mechanism of a Trendelenburg Gait. During this, the patient is instructed to balance on one limb while reaching the arms overhead and leaning away from the stance leg.

The role of the gluteus medius during activities such as walking and running is to dynamically stabilize the pelvis in a neutral position during single leg stance. Nonweightbearing and basic weightbearing exercises such as clam shell exercises, sidelying hip abduction, standing hip abduction, and basic single leg balance exercises.

Treating the Gluteus Medius Here are 3 phases of exercises I use to gradually get the patient back to the where they need to be with their gluteus medius strength.

The patient is instructed to stand on one limb and pelvis orientation is documented. Because it is such a valuable component of dynamic pelvis and lower extremity stability.Feb 08,  · Bonjour j'ai été cet été à Naples, nous avons décidé de faire une excursion au vésuve et là le début d'une série de péripéties Tout d'abord pour vous rendre de naples au vésuve.

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