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In short, the movie was little more than a parody, a lampoon on a great epic. Sign in to vote. Hrothgar gives his kingdom over to Beowulf and then commits suicide by jumping off the tower of Heorot: Then they killed Grendel and took its stuff.

These two imbeciles with Underwoods an orangutan could have come up with a more sensitive treatment of one of the seminal pieces of English literature!

Was this review helpful? The poem has been dechristianized: You will be nauseated. If you love the old Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf, do not see this movie. As with many of the other changes, it seems to be part of a deliberate campaign by Gaiman and Avary to strip away the heroic nature of the source material, turning Beowulf into just another trendy 21st-century flawed anti-hero.

Then, they killed Wealtheow and took her stuff. Nowhere in the poem does it suggest that she seduces him and he lies about killing her. Beowulf does forswear the use of arms in fighting Grendel, but nowhere does it say that he would fight the monster in the all-together, tackle-out with only strategically-placed objects protecting his modesty.

On the one hand, it does take out a glaring anachronism the action of the poem takes place during the Migration Period of the AD ss, when they would still be following the traditions of the Aesir religion, but the poem was written down in a very Christianized context in England, and the anachronism does add a richness to the language The only sop to the underpinnings of the source material come in a discussion between two urinating Danes over the relative merits of Christianity and Aesir-worship, and later when Unferth suggests praying to Christ as well as Odin, a suggestion that Hrothgar rejects out of hand perhaps a reference to the opposite situation in the poem, where the Danes throw off Christianity for a time, hoping that the old gods will smite Grendel where the Christian ones had apparently failed.

It is implied very heavily that Beowulf was a liar and braggart in his earlier exploits, including the race with Breca: Then they proceeded to kill Hrothgar, the helm of the Shieldings and take his stuff.

At this point, I walked out of the theater and demanded my money back, as the movie had officially jumped the shark with no hopes of return.

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The literary atrocities of Messers Gaiman and Avary upon the source material are as follows: And so on, and so forth. In the Dungeons and Dragons community, there is an old joke that the characters "kill things and take their stuff.

Beowulf fighting in the nude:Beowulf is a hugely disappointing miss from Zemeckis, reflecting his creative decline and epitomising Hollywood's trend towards empty spectacle over engrossing storytelling. It's not a total failure, with a number of interesting if irrelevant ideas and enough in-your-face action to please fans of mindless escapism%.

However, if you've read Beowulf (which, judging by the reviews, is a small number of people), and you appreciate the characters and hold them in a place of dignity and respect in your mind, then forget about appreciating anything about the movie.

Nov 16,  · Beowulf visits the Danish kingdom, where he eyeballs the queen (Robin Wright Penn) and promises to fight Grendel for the king (Anthony Hopkins). In between intimations of court intrigue, the rest of the characters do what they almost always do in movies set in Ancient Times, namely grunt, shout and eat with their mouths open.

Nov 14,  · To this court comes the heroic Geatsman named Beowulf (Ray Winstone), who in the manner of a Gilbert & Sullivan hero is forever making boasts about himself. He is the very model of a medieval monster slaughterer.3/5. Nov 16,  · Beowulf movie reviews & Metacritic score: In a time of heroes, the mighty warrior Beowulf slays the monster Grendel and 59%(35).

Any fan of Beowulf,the poem or book that is (not the movies), has a wonderful treat in store with Gareth Hinds version told in sequential art form or a graphic novel if you will. Text is provided by perhaps the best rendition in .

A review of beowulf
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